Sales Terms and Conditions

The website EVISAOFFERS.COM (hereinafter referred to as the Web Store) is owned by VIISA OÜ (registration number 12117523), located at Rävala pst 6, 10143, Tallinn, Estonia.

  • Company registration number: 12117523
  • Email:
  • Phone number: +372 600 4444
  • Rävala pst 6, Tallinn, 10143, Estonia

Validity of the Sales Contract, Product, and Price Information
These terms and conditions apply when purchasing services and goods from the Web Store. The prices of the services and goods sold in the Web Store are indicated next to the respective services and goods. Information about the services and goods is provided directly in the Web Store.

Order Processing
To order a service, you must first select the desired service (e.g., a visa for a specific country). To complete the order, you need to fill out the application with the required information. Throughout the purchase process, you will see the cost of the service on the screen, which can be paid in the final stage of the purchase process, at the checkout, via online banking or other payment solutions.

The contract becomes effective upon the receipt of the payment to the Web Store’s bank account. If the ordered service cannot be provided, the buyer will be informed as soon as possible, and the paid amount will generally be refunded within 1-2 working days. Depending on the payment method, it may take up to 7 working days for the refund to be processed.

The result of the service, i.e., the e-visa, can be downloaded from the Web Store’s self-service environment on the website

Right of Withdrawal
After receiving the order, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded in the online store within 14 days [depending on the products, the right of withdrawal may not apply; specific products and services must be listed, and they must meet the conditions specified in § 53 (4) of the Law of Obligations Act].

The right of withdrawal does not apply if the buyer is a legal entity.

The right of withdrawal does not apply if a service for e-visa processing has been purchased.

The right of withdrawal does not apply if the purchased insurance policy has already come into effect.

To return the product, the buyer must submit a withdrawal declaration within 14 days of receiving the product to the email address

Right to File a Complaint
The Web Store is responsible for non-compliance with the terms of the contract or defects in the product sold to the buyer, which existed at the time of delivery. If the customer checks the visa before downloading it, no complaints will be accepted later.

Direct Marketing and Processing of Personal Data

  1. The visa application process involves two parties: the respective country (consulate or embassy) and the traveler applying for the visa (individual). Viisa OÜ’s participation in this process is indirect and limited. It consists of the customer submitting the application and accompanying documents from Viisa OÜ’s office to the respective country’s embassy or consulate and back. Viisa OÜ cannot in any way influence the result, duration, frequency, or affixing of the visa to the passport.
  2. By submitting documents to Viisa OÜ, the customer agrees to the processing of personal data. The customer confirms that the information provided is complete and accurate. The customer is aware that incorrect or false information may result in the denial of a visa or the cancellation of an already issued visa, as well as legal actions in accordance with the laws of the respective country.
  3. Customer’s personal data may be shared with service providers whose services are essential for the fulfillment of concluded contracts and the provision of services. Viisa OÜ has the right to disclose personal data to partners when necessary for document processing, to the respective country’s embassies, to transport companies for the delivery of the customer’s processed service, in cases required by law to supervisory and investigative authorities, courts, non-judicial dispute resolution bodies, debt collection companies, and cooperation partners for marketing purposes (unless the customer has not given consent to receive newsletters and offers).
  4. The customer is aware of the possibility of receiving a call (to a work or mobile phone) from the embassy/consulate for further clarification. The customer is also aware of the embassy/consulate’s ability to request a personal interview and is prepared to provide additional documents upon request from the embassy/consulate. Viisa OÜ is not liable for any material damage if the embassy/consulate refuses to review the customer’s visa application after the interview.
  5. Based on the above points, Viisa OÜ is not liable for any legal or moral damages that the customer may incur due to changes in the visa duration or the denial of a visa. The customer is aware that the processing time for a visa is determined by the embassy/consulate. The typical processing times published by Viisa OÜ are approximate and may change for various reasons. Viisa OÜ does not undertake to compensate the customer for material and moral costs in case of delayed visa issuance or refusal.
  6. The customer pays for the services provided by Viisa OÜ in full when submitting documents for visa application. By signing the application and paying the invoice, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of Viisa OÜ’s service.
  7. Viisa OÜ is not responsible for registration at the destination, as registration conditions may vary by region.
  8. Viisa OÜ cannot be held responsible for crossing the border, even with a valid visa.

Dispute Resolution

If the buyer has any complaints about the Web Store, they should send them to the email address or call +3726004444. If the buyer and the Web Store cannot resolve the dispute by agreement, the buyer has the option to turn to the Consumer Disputes Commission. The Consumer Disputes Commission has the authority to resolve disputes arising from contracts between the buyer and the Web Store. The examination of the buyer’s complaint in the commission is free of charge.